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The Scientific Odyssey

The Scientific Odyssey is a podcast exploration of scientific inquiry through it's history and philosophy.  New episodes weekly.

Jul 15, 2018

In our new Science and Certainty mini-series, we take a look at what is known as the Problem of Induction in the junction between epistemology and philosophy of science.  We review what induction is and then look at various historical statements of the problem culminating with the work of Scottish philosopher,...

Jul 2, 2018

Wherein we reach the end of our journey.

Jun 26, 2018

In our final episode of the biographical series on Albert Einstein, we look at the last twenty years of his life in the United States.  We consider his conversations with the mathematician Kurt Godel, the letters to Franklin Delano Roosevelt that helped initiate what would become the Manhattan Project, his post-war...

Jun 8, 2018

In this episode of the Scientific Odyssey, we delve more deeply into Einstein's religious views and recap the months up to his emigration to the United States to take a position at the Institute of Advanced Study.

May 31, 2018

In 1930, Albert Einstein wrote, 

“I believe that the most important mission of the state is to protect the individual and to make it possible for him to develop into a creative personality.”

This concise statement of his political philosophy would guide his actions through much of the 1920's and early 30's as he...